We are looking for people
who form the future with us

We see our slogan "We shape your future" both
as a promise to our customers and as an aspiration to ourselves.
After all, outstanding solutions require bright minds who,
with their wealth of ideas and commitment,
are always finding new ways to prepare our customers
for their challenges.

Wir formen Ihre Zukunft

We shape your future

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We, that is all Ebmers, who work every day on solutions for our customers. With our expertise, our drive, our ideas and our claim to break new ground, we have been successful in the market since 1986. We are just as diverse as the challenges of our customers, with which we grow and which we realize in ever more demanding projects.



Forming. This is what we have specialized in. Whether in mechanical engineering for sheet metal processing or in the realization of entire production lines for tube forming. We are constantly growing with the project demands of our customers and have grown to become one of the most competent suppliers in the field of tube forming and tube cutting systems.

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your future

Your future. We develop and manufacture innovative solutions for this purpose. Whether on a small scale or in the course of entire production lines. Our experts develop precisely fitting project results together with the decision-makers of our customers.

Functions of our Ebmers

Possible roles and responsibilities at Ebm, for trainees and experts

Fertigung Stahlbau

Shop floor and Assembly

We are a specialist in the field of tube forming and tube cutting systems and develop customer-specific solutions with a team of experts on site.
This also includes the production of special parts and assemblies that we need for our customers’ machines and production lines.
Classical CNC machines that we need for this purpose allow metalworking in often combined processes, such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, eroding or honing.
Of course, we also have our own metal fabrication shop where we manufacture the required assemblies before sealing the surfaces using standardized methods.

Development and Project Management

We are happy about satisfied customers who rely on us. To keep it that way, we continuously improve and grow with every project.
Our project management plays a key role in this. Cost- and resource-efficient planning ensures execution, management and control within the given framework.
As a team, we build on good communication before, during and after the project. As a result, the Ebmers involved know the project status and can react to challenges or additional customer requests at any time.
During a project closing meeting, we reflect on the knowledge gained and record it in the project documentation.
Development takes up this knowledge so that we can use it in future solutions for our customers.


Entwicklung und Projektmanagement

Wir freuen uns über zufriedene Kunden, die sich auf uns verlassen. Damit das so bleibt, verbessern wir uns kontinuierlich und wachsen mit jedem Projekt.

Unser Projektmanagement spielt dabei eine Schlüsselrolle. Durch eine kosten- und ressourceneffiziente Planung wird die Durchführung, Steuerung und Kontrolle innerhalb der vorgegebenen Rahmenbedingungen gewährleistet.

Als Team bauen wir vor, während und nach dem Projekt auf gute Kommunikation. Dadurch kennen die beteiligten Ebmer_innen den Projektstatus und können jederzeit auf Herausforderungen oder zusätzliche Kundenwünsche reagieren.

Im Rahmen einer Projektabschlussbesprechung reflektieren wir gewonnene Erkenntnisse und halten diese in der Projektdokumentation fest.

Die Entwicklung greift dieses Wissen auf, damit wir es in künftigen Lösungen unserer Kunden nutzen können.

Administration und Vertrieb

Administration and Sales

The task of sales is to identify approaches to solutions for the complex challenges faced by our customers. To ensure success, our sales team maintains a close dialog with the customer and our experts.
However, our customers can only overcome their challenges if they can work with good solutions. That’s why we advise them with ideal solution approaches and at the same time ensure the often success-critical implementation.
In the administrative area of Ebm, we ensure that our growth is healthy and sustainable. Accordingly, we try to provide the best quality, from good suppliers, on time.

Leaders and Management

We see our slogan “We shape your future” both as a promise to our customers and as a aspiration on ourselves.
Our managers play a central role in this because they are responsible for the success of their own team. At the same time, they ensure that the expertise in the team grows with the demands of the customers.
As an owner-managed company, we take responsibility for our employees and our environment. Our managers convey the associated values through their own attitude and integrity. They always act in the knowledge that we can only be successful together. Therefore, we rely on appreciative cooperation and open communication.

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018 Fahnen

Führung und Management

Unseren Slogan “Wir formen Ihre Zukunft” verstehen wir sowohl als Versprechen an unsere Kunden als auch als Anspruch an uns selbst.

Unsere Führungskräfte spielen dabei eine zentrale Rolle, weil sie den Erfolg des eigenen Teams verantworten. Gleichzeitig stellen sie sicher, dass die Expertise im Team mit den Ansprüchen der Kunden wächst.

Als inhabergeführtes Unternehmen übernehmen wir Verantwortung für unsere Mitarbeiter und unsere Umwelt. Die damit verbundenen Werte, vermitteln unsere Führungskräfte durch ihre eigene Haltung und Integrität. Dabei handeln sie immer in dem Wissen, dass wir nur gemeinsam erfolgreich sind. Daher setzen wir auf ein wertschätzendes Miteinander und offene Kommunikation.

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Alfred Winter,


Murat Gülen,
Manager Shop Floor


Abdul-Samed Erdogan,
cutting machine operator, in training


Julian Sturm,
cutting machine operator, in training


Andrea Behner,


Konstantin Heit,
cutting machine operator


Robert Strauss,
Manager electrical components

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