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“Our slogan is both meant as our promise to our customers and as an aspiration to ourselves.

Because it needs smart minds who constantly define new ways through the help of their ideas and their relentles engagement to develope outstanding solutions, that prepare our customers for their challenges. “

Erich Büchele, CEO und Founder

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in the subject of metal forming

Ebm Erich Büchele Maschinenbau GmbH has been represented on the market as a cross-industry solution provider for metal forming since 1987. With now almost 80 Ebm employees, we are specialists in the field of tube forming and tube cutting systems and develop customer-specific solutions with a team of experts on site. We have already proven this in more than 500 successful projects.
Get to know us too and convince yourself of our solution competence and reliability.
I would be pleased to welcome you soon at our company or at one of our international trade fairs and events.

Yours, Erich Büchele,
CEO and Founder

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We believe in our corporate culture

to form the future together

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We at Ebm are as diverse as the challenges of our customers.
And we know that we can only find solutions to their challenges together.
That’s why we value every colleague.
Regardless of gender, age, expertise, religion, or culture.



We are a specialized in the field of tube forming and tube cutting systems and develop customer-specific solutions with a team of experts on site.
Our customers operate in a wide range of industries and demand reliable and modern solutions. Therefore, we build on previous project successes and continuously expand our expertise.
As a team, we place the same demands on our work performance as our customers do on their production systems.



As a company, we have successfully implemented more than 500 projects to date. In doing so, we fundamentally build on the wealth of experience from previous challenges.

Thus, we remain a specialist in the field of tube forming and tube cutting systems and are continuously expanding our solution portfolio with new, sustainable and efficient technologies.



We are responsible for our actions and our environment. That’s why we are offering our standardized machine portfolio in 100% electrical versions since 2011 already.



We act with integrity and for the benefit of society. We shape our future based on our values. This is how we have been growing steadily, continuously and sustainably for many years.

Our history

More then 30 years of Innovation and Expertise in metal forming

Ebm Erich Büchele Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1987 based on a simple idea: “Nothing is impossible.”
What today is considered a common mindset in innovative companies, opened Erich Büchele the market entry into the mechanical engineering industry at that time.
Initially founded in his own garage, the company quickly developed into a competent, cross-industry solution provider for complex metal forming processes.
Today, after just over 30 years, Ebm Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the leading specialists in the field of tube forming and tube cutting systems and is one of the most competent suppliers in the industry.
Due to the proven use and direct work with almost all types of metal, we offer our customers today a wide portfolio of solutions.
Get to know us too and convince yourself of our solution competence and reliability.


As head of the tube manufacturing divison of a well-known exhaust system manufacturer, Erich Büchele identified the market demand for high-quality tube forming machines.

He develops his idea and registers his first utility model.

1986 Urkunde
1987 Garage


The Erich Büchele Maschinenbau Einzelunternehmung (Ebm) is founded in the home garage.

Just in the same year Erich Büchele builds his first Ebm- eccentric press.


One year later, the new company site is built and Ebm becomes Ebm Erich Büchele Maschinenbau GmbH (rebranding).

1988 Neues Firmengebäude
1990 Tube Düsseldorf


Erich Büchele Maschinenbau GmbH applies for its first patent.

With the machine P30, the company is thus launching its first tube forming machine on the market and setting new standards for axial forming processes.


Die Erich Büchele Maschinenbau GmbH meldet das erste Patent an.

Mit der P30 bringt das Unternehmen damit die erste Rohrendbearbeitungsmaschine auf den Markt und setzt neue Maßstäbe für axiale Umformverfahren.

1990 Tube Düsseldorf


By enlarging the company building, Ebm can double its production site as much as increase threefold its office space.

1996 Gebaeude
2000 Werkzeugraum FD120 ISE O24260


A flattening press for preforming a tube for the hydroforming process is delivered and integrated into a production cell with robot handling for the first time


Eine Flachdrückpresse zum Vorformen eines Rohres für den IHU-Prozess wird ausgeliefert und erstmals in eine Fertigungszelle mit Roboterhandling eingebunden

2000 Werkzeugraum FD120 ISE O24260


Ebm develops and manufactures a fully automated production line for cardan shafts installed in pick-ups.

The line can process tubes with a diameter of 90mm, 8.5mm wall thickness and a tensile strength of 950 N/mm².

2004 Hack Umformanlage Dana Finow


Ebm recognizes the growing need for special tools and establishes its own business unit under the name of Tools and appliances.


Ebm erkennt den wachsenden Bedarf an Spezialwerkzeugen und gründet einen eigenen Geschäftsbereich unter dem Namen Werkzeugbau.



Ebm develops and manufactures a fully automatic production line for collaring tubes.
The production steps are designed and manufactured as a rotary transfer machine.

2005 Collaring
2006 TEC30


The first “TEC” pipe end trimming machine is launched on the market.
The special tools used in this process enable pipe ends to be cut off without chips.


Die erste Rohrendenbeschneidmaschine „TEC“ wird auf den Markt gebracht.

Durch die Spezialwerkzeuge, die dabei zum Einsatz kommen, können Rohrenden spanlos abgetrennt werden.

2006 TEC30


A fully automated production line for the manufacture of high-pressure fuel pipes is developed and built.
The process chain starts with the blank and ends with the tested and labeled ready-to-install high-pressure line.

2007 VA Winkelmann
2008 TRC30


The first all-electric Ebm machine is launched on the market.

Under the TRC line, Ebm thus offers a production cell that is used for roller burnishing and cutting off tube ends.


Die erste vollelektrische Ebm-Maschine kommt auf den Markt.

Unter der Linie TRC bietet Ebm damit eine Fertigungszelle, die beim Rollieren und Abschneiden von Rohrenden zum Einsatz kommt.

2008 TRC30


The world’s first hydroforming line for corrugated tubes using pure water for the forming process is developed. This results in enormous process and disposal cost savings.
The new Tube system solution Business Unit is established and sets new standards in sustainability in corrugated pipe production from then on.

2009 HF1100
2010 PC20 5VE


The success of Ebm’s first all-electric machines meets with great demand.

The first all-electric Ebm PC20 VE axial forming machine is presented at EuroBlech (international trade fair).


Der Erfolg der ersten vollelektrischen Maschinen trifft auf große Nachfrage.

Die erste vollelektrische Ebm-Axialformmaschine PC20 VE wird auf der EuroBlech vorgestellt.

2010 PC20 5VE


Ebm is aware of its responsibility as a supplier and focuses on the strategy module sustainability.
Almost the entire standardized machine range is offered in all-electric design.

018 Fahnen
2014 Blechnet Award


Ebm receives the “Blechnet Award” for pneumomechanical stretch deep drawing.
Ebm has developed the appropriate system technology for the process combination of gas forming and deep drawing: An all-electric servo screw press with 2000 kN press force driven by four spindles with a total power of 65 kW.


Ebm erhält den Blechnet Award für das pneumomechanische Streck-Tiefziehen.

Für die Verfahrenskombination aus Gasumformen und Tiefziehen hat Ebm die passende Anlagentechnik entwickelt: eine vollelektrische Servospindelpresse mit 2000 kN Presskraft, die von vier Spindeln mit einer Leistung von insgesamt 65 kW angetrieben wird.

2014 Blechnet Award


Ebm celebrates 30 years in the market as a reliable supplier of cross-industry solutions in metalworking.

Logo 30 Jahre


Ebm expands its production and office space by 100%. The hall layout offers enormous possibilities for mapping the production and manufacturing processes. This increases the efficiency of value creation and additionally shortens manufacturing times.


Ebm vergrößert seine Produktions- und Büroflächen um 100%. Das Hallen- Layout bietet enorme Möglichkeiten zum Abbilden der Produktions- und Herstellungsprozesse. Dadurch wird die Effizienz der Wertschöpfung gesteigert und Herstellungszeiten zusätzlich verkürzt.


We mind quality and sustainability company-wide

an aspect we are certifiacting regularly

Ebm Erich Büchele Maschinenbau GmbH relies on holistic approaches. Of course, also in terms of quality. Therefore, we check the quality and safety of our solutions from the origin to the finished product.

In doing so, all our products are subject to strict testing criteria that exceed the legal requirements and thus offer a higher standard than prescribed by law.
We also set the same standards as a training company. Here, we rely on reliable partners for both dual studies and dual training.


DIN ISO 9001:2015


Fulfillment of the welding quality requirements according to ISO 3834


Since 2004 with high quality standars
in the dual education/ crafts training
(German certificate)


Since 2006 with high quality standars
in the dual education/ business training
(German certificate)

Zertifikat duales Studium

Certified partner of the DHBW
for dual academic studies in
machine engineering
(German certificate)